Stiltwalking for kids




It's entertaining! It's fun! It's skill-building!

This is a free-flowing, activity area for the kids. We show them how to use the simple stilts and send them on their way. Parents can help the little ones.

Walking on Doug's special 'Bucket-type Stilts' is fun, safe and easy for everyone.

Key Benefits

  • Children are actively involved
  • Kids learn the finer points of balance and coordination 
  • All kids can master these bucket stilts - kids come away with a great sense of achievement and self-esteem
  • Suitable for children 4+ years old (and 3 year olds with help from an adult)
  • This is a 'kid-safe' activity. The average height of the buckets is 8 inches. There are no straps - so kids just jump off if they lose their balance
  • Parents love to be involved to help and see their kids 'achieve.'
  • Great photo opportunities
  • This is how Doug got started and he now holds the Guinness World Record for tallest and heaviest stilts!

The "learn to stiltwalk activity area" is suitable for kids as young as 3 (with their parent's help) and we've had people as old as 82 on the course.

Good to Know:

  • Works best outdoors on a fairly smooth grassy area. Indoors on a carpeted area works too. (Concrete or asphalt surfaces are not suitable)
  • We bring everything necessary, including bucket stilts and peg stilts. 
  • We will also set up a 'kid friendly' challenging and fun stilt walk obstacle course.
  • We can have up to 12 people on the course at the same time
  • Wait time is usually very short (5 -10 minutes)
  • We can put through 75+ children an hour


A second part of this is an area for the 'hold on' stilts (also only about 6-8 inches high.) We show them how to mount the stilts and we can even play games like 'last man standing'. We have four sets of these stilts and find the older kids and adults really like this.


We know this activity is successful. Especially when we discover that parents have made bucket stilts just like ours for their kids to enjoy at home!



  • Blue Mountain Resort

  • Grand River Employment and Training (Brant Park - Brantford)

  • Kidspark (Kitchener)

  • Samuel Steel Company Picnic (Stoney Creek)

  • Sarnia Easter in the Park

  • Telephone City Car Show (Brantford)

  • Waterloo (city of)


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