Doug Hunt (A.K.A. Doug the Great)

Doug Hunt is currently the Director of Fund Raising, Marketing and Volunteer Services at Participation House Brantford. (Participation House is an organization striving to meet the needs of physically disabled adults in our community.) 

Also known as Doug the Great – Entertainer, has been recognized in the past, as:

  • 2004 Shining Stars Tourism Award Winner - Tourism Ambassador Award

  • Festival & Events Ontario - Entertainer of the Year (2002)

  • Recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal (2002)

  • Citizen of the Year Nominee, (1996, 1999, & 2002) The Expositor, Brantford                     (the Expositor is our local newspaper)

  • Volunteer of the Year Award, Brant Chapter of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario

  • Outstanding Young Citizen Award, Brantford Jaycees (a local service club)

  • Inductee into the Ontario Cerebral Palsy Sports Association Builder's Hall of Fame

On September 14, 2002, Doug set a new Guinness world record for tallest stilt-walker, in Brantford, Ontario, by taking 29 independent steps on stilts measuring 50 feet 9 inches, and weighing a combined weight of 137 pounds. 

This was accomplished after years of work, and with the support and encouragement of an extremely dedicated and dynamic team. This record-setting event was in support of Participation House Brantford and has raised over forty thousand dollars so far.  

As a child, Doug’s interest in magic, juggling and the performing arts, was encouraged by his parents to help him overcome shyness.  (It seems to have worked!) 

Doug’s biggest fans and constant supporters are his wife Katie, and their daughter, Megan.



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