Each time I visit a bookstore or attend a convention, I investigate the books, videos and DVD's on face and/or body painting. If I find one face or one tip that I really like – I buy it. Basically, this means that I buy almost every resource I look at. 

Here is a list of all the resources that I have (and a couple that I don’t)

Please note: I do NOT sell any of these products.

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Videos DVDs CDs

Face Art (CD rom)

Chantal the Fairy

Chantal is one of the fastest painters I've seen, who does beautiful work, quickly.


  wpe3.jpg (49958 bytes)


Make Your Face Painting Come Alive! (video)

Jinny (Genevieve Gagne)

Jinny's fine arts background lends itself to real works of art on the skin. Painting this way may take a little longer, but, the results are worth it!


Illusion (video)

Jinny (Genevieve Gagne)

Learn new techniques and new faces to try.

Try Abstract (video)

Jinny (Genevieve Gagne)

Tired of cats and butterflies? Try Abstract makes it different everytime!

Jinny - Makeup Artiste (DVD)

Volume 1

Are you looking for fast and fabulous ideas that only look like they take a long time?

Jinny - Makeup Artiste (DVD)

Volume 2

Creative Ideas

This DVD is packed full of Jinny's favourites and abstract designs, as well as a 'Techniques' section that will give you the 'how to's' to master.

The Magic of Glitter Powders

Marcela Murad

Powder paints are a great way to go for when it's hot or very cold out. They go on quickly and are so easy to blend. Learn from Marcela how quick and easy it is to get beautiful results.

The Princess Face Painting Video.jpg (35902 bytes)

Princess Face Painting Video, The

Marcela “Mama Clown” Murad

A great beginner's resource.


Put on a Happy Face - Video.jpg (35306 bytes)

Put on a Happy Face (video)

Marcela “Mama Clown” Murad

A great beginner's resource

How To Airbrush Tattoos (DVD)

Donna Nowak

Full of tips and tricks to get you started easily in the world of airbrushing.


Trading Faces (DVD)

Donna Nowak

Airbrush face art with Donna, featuring Party Faces, Special FX, and Game Faces.

Halloween (Video)


A great step by step of Halloween faces by Olivier.

Cats (Video)


Olivier shows us there's no end to the variety of cats you can paint.

Face Painting with PitterPat -

A Beginner's Journey

Pat Newton

Pat is a great instructor showing brush strokes and showing simple faces that have a wow factor.

Heather Banks at Sillyfarm is now offering free online mini instructional videos. (Three new ones each month) Check them out at:


This is a great idea who's time has come...and Heather is leading the way. Check back regularly for more videos.
You've got the painting skills. Now learn to Smart Market yourself. (on the videos page)

Or come to Katie's classes at FABAI

May , 2008, Orlando Florida.


Her CD was AWESOME.  I worked in PR and Marketing at 3M for 10 years, and my major was marketing, but Katie really gives you the "how to do marketing for your entertainment business" angles!  All marketing is not the same, and she has so many great ideas... Cindy's Creative Celebrations.

I bought Katie's Smart Marketing DVD a few weeks back. It is very informative. I have a background in sales and marketing, but I still learned from Katie's information. I truly believe we all can continue to learn from each other. I can't make it to Katie's class but wanted to share in her vast knowledge and expertise. The DVD was worth the $$ and she didn't pay me to comment!  Elaine AKA Berry Merry


Body Crayon Book, The - Klutz.jpg (31890 bytes) Body Crayon Book, The


ISBN 1 57054-403-4

Great inspiration for painting on hands, knees, feet, arms. I don't find that the crayons (included) cover as well as most of popular brands of paint.


No Picture - I don't own this one. Disney’s Face Painting & Costume Kit Great if you want to dress up a child for Hallowe'en.
Body Painting Masterpieces

by Joanne Gair

ISBN-10: 0-7893-1509-2

ISBN-13: 978-0-7893-1509-0

Joanne Gair's extraordinary work has graced magazine covers, music videos, calendars and runways. A great coffee table book.
Complete Snazaroo Face Painting Manual,The.jpg (64436 bytes) Complete Snazaroo Face Painting Manual, The

ISBN 1 900951 00 2

This book has a little bit of everything in it.


wpe3.jpg (156021 bytes)

Creative Facepainting - Instruction and Inspiration

Carmel Bloxsom & Rene Reiche

Reiche and Wilberg

ISBN: 3-935341-03-2

From basic instruction, simple prosthetics, and easy designs to the elaborate. Some are beautiful, some disturbing. This book is a joy to browse through and an inspiration to pick up a brush and a sponge and get painting!



Fabulous Faces-Firefly Books.jpg (54934 bytes) Fabulous Faces – A Dorling Kindersley Book

Firefly Books Ltd.

ISBN: 1-55209-088-4

A beautiful book. (Paints included - I've never tried the paints) These designs are very time-consuming and detailed to paint. Great if you have the time or for inspiration.


wpe1.jpg (107326 bytes)

Face Art - Face Painter's Guide

by Chantal "The Fairy" Munro

ISBN: 0 646 35690

I love this book for Chantal's flower work. Simple, effective and beautiful.


The Face Painting Book of


by Marcela Murad & Friends

ISBN: 1-4243-0728-7

I love the idea of this series of books...taking one subject and exploring many different variations on a theme.

The step by step pictures make it easy to follow. The inspirational quotes will motivate you.

The Face Painting Book of Cats

by Marcela Murad & Friends

Another in a series by Marcela and friends. Beautifully produced.

All kinds of cats.

Look for more books in this series in the future.

Face Painting - Pinsent.jpg (48703 bytes)

Face Painting – From cowboys to clowns, pirates to pumpkins – amazingly original designs for the perfect children’s party.

A Quintet Book

ISBN 1 56010 211 X

Great step-by-step full faces. A small (only 31 pages) book, but a beautiful book.


Fantastic Faces by Snazaroo.jpg (57896 bytes) Fantastic Faces by Snazaroo, Face Painting Ideas for Holidays, for Parties, or Just for Fun!

ISBN: 1-85697-540-1

I like all the Snazaroo Books. This was among the first books I purchased because it offered a little bit of everything.


Five Minute Faces by Snazaroo.jpg (49660 bytes) Five Minute Faces by Snazaroo, Fantastic Face Painting Ideas

ISBN: 0-86272-902-5

This was one of the first books I ever purchased. When I became brave enough to start doing full face designs, this is the book I used for inspiration.


FX Faces by Snazaroo.jpg (50285 bytes)

 FX Faces – Special Effects Face Painting by Snazaroo

ISBN 0-7534-5054-2

Great resource for using special effects products such as crepe hair, stipple sponges, wax, fake blood, making fake skin, etc. 


Grimas.jpg (54226 bytes) Grimas ‘Make-up Voor Professional en Hobby’

ISBN: 90-71269-05-1


A complete resource for face painting, body painting, cosmetic applications, theatrical makeup, special effects like cuts and bruises. It explains everything in several different languages (English, French, and 2 more)



wpe5.jpg (42559 bytes)



Make-Up Artist Genevieve Gagne

A great little book with some powerful tips and designs, from the same person who brought you the video: "Make Your Face Painting Come Alive!"




Make-a-Face - Stevenson-McKay.jpg (73931 bytes)

Make-a-Face, Book & Body Painting Kit for Kids of All Ages

Jane Byrne Stevenson & Sharon E. McKay

Somerville House Publishing, Somerville House Books Ltd.

ISBN: 1-895897-58-0

Some basic good faces. I liked the monsters in the back. Also comes with paints. (Never tried them)


Make-up Magic - Boucher-Major.jpg (48385 bytes)

Make-up Magic – Helene Boucher, Henriette Major

Les Edition Heritage Inc.

ISBN: 2-7625-6464-6

Some cute design ideas for full faces. A small and inexpensive book - I would recommend for the hobby painter.


Making Faces - Russon.jpg (55515 bytes)

Making Faces

Sterling Publishing Company, Ltd.

ISBN: 0-8069-0929-3

Beautiful book. This was one of the first books I purchased. It has all the standard designs like tiger, bunny, princess, etc., plus a few scenes. and some unusual design ideas. 


Making Faces - Ellis-Thomas.jpg (41705 bytes) Making Faces – A Complete Guide to Face Painting

Sian Ellis-Thomas

Promotional Reprint Company Ltd.

ISBN:  1-85648-372-X

What a great find! I found this one on sale for $3.99. I love the flower faces and some scene faces in this book


The Makeup Muse Tribal Workbook

by Melanie Siedsma

Melanie is great at trible designs and breaking them down, stroke by stroke. She even includes a reusable practice face.
Monster Faces - Firefly Books.jpg (46155 bytes)

Monster Faces – A Dorling Kindersley Book

Firefly Books Ltd.

ISBN: 1-55209-057-4

A beautiful book. (Paints, special FX wax and fake blood included - I've never tried them) These designs are very time-consuming and detailed to paint. Good, simple special effects tips. Great if you have the time or for inspiration.


Paint A'Licious -

The Pain-Free way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions

by Joanne Gair

ISBN-13: 978-0-7407-5537-8

ISBN-10: 0-7407-5537-4

More fantastic body painting from Joanne Gair. A fun and intriguing book.
Painting Faces - Haldane.jpg (34435 bytes)

Painting Faces – Suzanne Haldane

Penguin Books USA Inc.

ISBN 0-14-055611-7

Good historical reference. Pictures of traditional faces from cultures such as: North American Iroquois, New Guinea, SE Nuba/Africa, Chinese Opera, Bali, Nepal, Australia, Kathakali/India.



by Claude Giordano et la Compagnie Tableaux Vivants

ISBN: 2-86898-579-3

Don't let the fact that it's written in French throw you off. The step by step pictures and great photos are all you need to be inspired and learn.
Scary Faces and other Arty Face Paintings

By Caro Childs

ISBN: 0-75258-691-2

Caro Childs is a pioneer in face paint art in the UK. This book also contains some great, beautiful, and not-so-scary faces.
Snazaroo Zoo.jpg (70318 bytes) Snazaroo Zoo – Great Faces & Easy Costumes to Bring Out the Animal in You

Janis Bullis

ISBN: 0-8019-8940-X

Great costume book with coordinating faces.


Step-by-Step Fabulous Faces - Boase.jpg (48610 bytes)

Step by Step Fabulous Faces & Outrageous Outfits for Kids

Petra Boase, Bettina Graham

ISBN:  18596-155-1

Good inspiration for creative costuming ideas for kids with accompanying make-up. Some good designs for face painting full faces.


Transformation! The Story Behind the Painted Faces

by Christopher Agostino & Kryolan

Premiering in May at the FABAI convention in Orlando.

Kryolan (1-800-866-1329) or or

Christopher is a a marvel as he combines face painting and storytelling to weave pictures both on the face and in your mind.

This is one book worth waiting for.

Usborne Book of Face Painting, The.jpg (84791 bytes)

Usborne Book of Face Painting, The

Chris Caudron & Caro Childs of Lococo

Usborne Publishing Ltd.,

Usborne Books at Home 

Another really great book with a great variety of designs and step-by-step instructions. (Stein Cosmetic paints included - I haven't used them)


Wild Face Animal Face Painting by Snazaroo.jpg (59060 bytes)

Wild Faces – Animal Face Painting By Snazaroo

ISBN 0 7534 0111 8

Lots of great animal faces. I especially like the "Birds of Paradise" pages.


Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX

Top Secret, Step by Step Cheat Book, Volume 1

By Nick & Brian Wolfe

A variety of faces to choose from with easy-to-follow step-by-steps and big pictures to show you the way.

Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX

Top Secret, Step by Step Cheat Book, Volume 2 - HORROR

By Nick & Brian Wolfe 

This book features 15 step-by-step monsters and full face designs by the talented Nick and Brian.

Watch for more books in this series.


Face and Body Art International (Back issues only available now)


I really miss this magazine. If you ever see back issues on ebay buy them!

Illusion - The Magazine for Today's Face and Body Artist


Julie Oliver and Claire Pick have produced a most beautiful and informative magazine.

Subscribe today!


Face to Face

-Quarterly Magazine of FACE - the Face Painting Association

This magazine comes with your membership to FACE but you can also just subscribe to the magazine.


On the Internet: This is the link to the Face and Body Art International Convention held every year in Florida. This is the greatest learning convention I've been to and have made so many friends there over the years. I am also proud to be an instructor (since 2003). Paradise (Jinny-approved) line of paints and brushes, Starblends Powders, Gem Powders as well as theatrical makeup and more. Their Face Painting Forum puts you in touch with an entire world of face painters. Interferenz and Day-glo paints that don't stain the skin. FPBAA stands for "Face and Body Art Association" and is an International community of Face and Body Artists that share a common interest, knowledge and passion for the art of painting. Check out this site for articles and resources to do with all things face and body art related. The FACE association in the United Kingdom.

FACE PAINT GUILDS are a great way for like-minded artists to share and practice and learn from each other. Check out the listings at: Just in case you missed the many many opportunities to link to them above. Sillyfarm carries a variety of face painting products, books, videos, brushes, makeup and clown supplies.


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