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Face Paint Artist

Creating art and fantasy that you'll remember.

For your next special event!


Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos are a relatively new art form. They go on quickly, last for several days (depending on skin type and placement) and remove immediately as desired.

Temporary Tattoos

AIRBRUSH TEMPORARY TATTOOS go on very quickly and can be done with inks (which will last for several days) or with face paints which will come off the first time you wash it.

Face Paint Art Gallery

See samples of my art work here.



Learn about:

  •  Making your business work,
  •  Smart Marketing for yourself,
  •  Face painting,
  •  and so much more.

Window Art

Celebrate a season or special event with Window Art

Whether it's for your business or home, Window Art is a quick way to enhance your windows without taking up a lot of room.

About Katie...

  • Face Paint Artist
  • Writer
  • Presenter


Helpful Hints and Good Stuff You Should Know

  • Things to know when hiring a face paint artist
  • What you should know before getting painted
  • Letters from craft paint manufacturers

Resources for Face Paint Artists

Books, Videos, and website resources for Face Paint and Body Artists

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