Glitter Tattoos




Katie Hunt Glitter Tattoo Fish

Glitter Tattoos are a fairly new addition to temporary body adornment. The pictures speak for themselves.


  • Last 1-3 days depending on skin type and placement

  • Removes immediately, as desired

  • Go on very quickly (so good for when you have lots of people)

  • Great for boys and girls and Ladies night

  • Won't come off in the water, so perfect for pool parties

  • Lots of designs to choose from

Good to Know:

  • Glitter Tattoos last longer when placed where there is minimum friction

  • After a shower dab around the glitter tattoo. Do not rub directly over it

  • Soak in hot soapy water and use a rough washcloth to remove

  • or, rub in baby oil or moisturizer, let sit for 5 minutes, then the rough washcloth

  • or, rubbing alcohol will also work. Moisturize skin afterwards.

  • Not recommended for on the face

  • Insured

  • We use only products designed for use on the skin

  • I can bring a wonderful second artist with me for larger events

  • Katie is located in Brantford, Ontario and is willing to travel


  • Best Western - Brant Park Inn - Brantford

  • Namasco - Brantford

  • Point Edward Charity Casino - Sarnia

  • Royal Envelope - Toronto

  • Telephone City Car Show - Brantford

All photos on this site are the sole property of Doug & Katie Hunt and may not be used without written permission. Thank you.


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