Brantwood Farms


In support of Participation House Brantford

Haunted Hay Rides

Haunted Barn Excursions

(Parental Discretion Advised for ALL Hauntings)

NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OR SOME SENSITIVE ADULTS!                                                                   WE'RE SERIOUS!!!

Food / Refreshments

Glow Sticks

Monster Makeovers (Face Paint Art)


(Bring your own mourners)




  Bring a little extra cash with you

 to enjoy all that's on offer



Friday, October 17, 2008
Saturday, October 19, 2008
Friday, October 24, 2008
Saturday, October 25, 2008
(Typically, the last 2 weekends before Halloween)


Things generally get rolling around DUSK. (7 PM - ish)


$8.00 EACH, per Haunting, per Person
Tickets available on site.

NOTE: This is a charitable fund raising event.

All proceeds go to support Participation House Brantford.



Map to Brantwood Farms. (Click on thumbnail to see full map)

Brantwood Farms is located on Powerline Road, where Brantwood Park Road meets it.

Ride a tractor-pulled hay wagon (or cage on wheels, as we like to call it) through 100 acres of Hell's Unreal-Estate." Thirty victims enjoy the luxury of straw bale seating, on each excursion into our 'field of screams.'

A favourite since 1994.



Follow the twists and turns through this black maze of terror. Are you alone or are watchful eyes just waiting for an opportunity to catch you unaware? In closed quarters, all your senses will prickle with the evidence of the undead and lost souls. Some are seeking peace, and understanding. Some seek revenge. It's dark in there. Don't take a turn for the worse.

Introduced in 1997. 


Memphis Motion






Memphis Motion

Starr Sensations

Rough Justice


Monster Makeovers


Come to the Face Paint Tent

and have yourself transformed into the fearful creature that lies within you

 and begs to be expressed outwardly.

Katie & Christy will bring out your inner monster

$8  $12 & $16 makeover packages available.

Meet our Customer Service Representative

It is our desire that your visit to Ghost Encounters is frightening and fearful but, safe and enjoyable.

Ghost Encounters is a volunteer-driven special event in support of Participation House Brantford. You may have questions upon your arrival or during your stay.

We'd like to refer you to our "Customer Service Representative"

His name is HAL.

If you have any questions or concerns,

go to HAL.

He'll take care of you.


HAL Recommends:


  • Dress Warmly - You will be outdoors and out in the open for much of your visit. It is better to have an extra layer of clothes you can remove than to not have enough warm clothing.
  • Dress Casually - Leave the good clothes at home. This is a working farm, complete with mud, livestock, all sorts of things that can stain clothing. Boots are a great idea to keep you warm and dry.
  • Protect your valuables - Keep keys, wallets, cel phones, etc. in a zippered pocket.


  • For more information: Call Doug Hunt at Participation House -
  • (519) 756-1430 X-273


  • Want to become involved? If you or your group want to volunteer and become involved as Scare-Pros, call Doug Hunt at Participation House (519) 756-1430 X-273


  • Participation House Brantford - is a non-profit organization striving to meet the needs of physically-challenged adults living in our community. Check out this link to learn more about PHB and the clients it serves.


Listen to HAL. He knows.



I just  thought I'd send you an email to say that  my daughters and I  have  been  going to your  event 
every year  since you started  Ghost Encounters and have enjoyed it greatly. I remember pushing my youngest
around in a buggy there, having their faces painted, and getting a  good  scare.  Good  music and a  fun time.
But sadly  I have to  apologize. We decided to  go  to another scare park this year ,,, just for a  change , and to see what  others  had to offer .
We were very  disappointed  In the quality  of  their  haunted barn, and  the  ride they  gave  was  Junk compared
to yours... 
So I   just  want to  say     SEE YOU NEXT  YEAR !!!!!!!!
Jim Slote and family

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